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Electro-mechanics workshop

Winding of electric motors and generators – electro-mechanics workshop

​Hirtshals El-Motorservice ApS has a large electro-mechanics workshop, where we, among other services, carry out servicing, troubleshooting and repair/sale of all types of generators, among these ship’s generators.

Furthermore, we sell pumps, electric motors and ventilation.

​Your work may take place in our workshop or “on location”, at your option.

Generators and pumps are some of our core business areas.​

Winding of electric motors and generators is one of our specialties. Our experience shows that it is often cheaper and faster to do a re-winding job, than to invest in a new electric motor or generator.

We do troubleshooting, renovation and repair of generators for the maritime business, and our customers also include power stations and biogas plants.

Hirtshals El-Motorservice ApS repairs pumps and prepare new pumps from MAPEX, among others – we are the main dealer in Denmark.

​Laser alignment

​We can align your generator, electric motor, pumps etc. with our advanced laser align equipment.

Aligning your gear correctly will save time and money on bearings, couplings etc., and will minimize the loss of heat in couplings and bearings, providing you with improved equipment efficiency.


​The ideal alignment result is, when the center lines of the two machines are on the exact same line. The measures are taken, and a laser computer displays, at an accuracy of 1/100 mm, the distance, by which the machines must be moved towards one another.​​

Burnout oven

We have a large burnout oven (2300 x 1800 x 1800 mm) for burning out paint and insulation from windings of generator and electric motors. With this oven, we can do repair of very large units, which often turns out to save both time and money at the customer’s end. The oven is environmentally approved.​

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Hirtshals El-Moterservice ApS

Hirtshals El-Moterservice ApS was founded in 1962. We always ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality. We also always emphasize that you as a customer can have full confidence that agreements and delivery times are adhered to.

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