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Vacuum Pressure Impregnation – VPI

We offer VPI of different types of items – such as generators, electric motors, transformers and coils. It is an impregnation with a resin under vacuum and pressure – it gives the highest possible penetration of the resin in the coils. The treatment ensures the longest attainable service life.

We can handle items as large as 2,5 x 3,6 meters.

The benefits of VPI include:

  • 1 VPI equals 8-10 times conventional ”dip and bake” method
  • Machines last longer
  • Insulationclass H – enhanced insulation quality
  • Eliminate dead airspaces that cause hot sports within coils
  • Completely seals the windings against moisture, salt, oil, chemicals etc.
  • Provides greater mechanical strength
  • Provides a cooler running motor due to superior heat dissipation
  • Reduces vibrations and noise level
  • Reduces risk for loose windings

VPI is particularily relevant for the following items:

  • High- and low voltage units
  • Generators
  • Electric motors
  • Transformers
  • Coils

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